christmas traditions

A few weeks before Christmas, we decided to put up a little Christmas tree in our little apartment. We almost decided against it this year, due to lack of space and a curious toddler in our home. But O seemed to notice a trend in all the homes we visited over the month and kept asking where our tree was. We couldn’t let him down. And I’m so glad we were able to borrow this perfect little tree for our small space. We had fun decorating it together as a family.

We also did a bit of Christmas baking. O loved making cut-out Christmas cookies with me this year. Is that some frosting I see on your upper lip there, O?!?

Yup! Caught red-handed. You can’t make Christmas treats without testing a few yourself, right? :)

We also made these yummy, super easy Christmas treats. Recipes found here and here. I would be lying if I said I didn’t taste-test a few of these myself before sharing them with friends. :)

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